Million Dollar Listing Agent - Hollywood Style!

Mr. James Harris from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has this DERRINGER pen.  If you happen to run into him, ask him about it when you are inking your next deal.

You might ask yourself, how did Mr. Harris get his hands on a DERRINGER pen?  Well, let me tell you.  Life is all about making opportunities, big and small.  I figured I had nothing to lose, so I sent him a pen to get the word out so that he would have first hand experience with my pen craftsmanship.  Ultimately, putting my pen in the hands of a guy who is closing the biggest deals - that is cool! 

If nothing else, Mr. Harris would have the opportunity to close his multi-million dollar listings in style. 

Over the last year, I have checked in with Mr. Harris to see how his pen was performing, and it appears that Mr. Harris is enjoying the pen a lot.

"Pen is great.  Looks awesome and beautiful to use."  - Mr. James Harris

Mr. Harris, thank you again for accepting my pen - It is a true pleasure to know that you have the option to ink deals in style with a DERRINGER pen.  Hope you have many more years making it happen!

As always, please spread the word, and keep me posted when you would like to have your entire office and/or your clients fitted with a custom pen - you know where to find me.